FOUS Youth Development Services

FOUS 2021 Community Initiatives


We distributed 300 facial masks and 150 smoke alarms.


Beautification Project: We distributed over 200 flower plants to residents in the Roseland Community.

We make quality programming a priority!

Community Partnerships

Goal: To cultivate community partnerships through collaboration and sharing resources to create safe communities for all.

Our partners strengthen the organization. This enables us to provide quality programs and services in targeted areas. We will continue to identify ways to leverage resources and create opportunities to impact communities that aren't always a priority.

Past & Present

Community-based Organization
Wrightwood Ashburn Library
Gary Comer Youth Center
Chicago Youth Centers
Chicago Police Department - District 5
Force For Good - CPD
Good City
Greater Roseland Chamber
The Rose Foundation

The Brown House Experience

Bullying Prevention Awareness 365

School Partners
Ronald Brown Elementary
Edward White Elementary
Dubois Elementary
Fort Dearborn Elementary
Gumpers Elementary
Gillespie Elementary
Libby Elementary
Parkland Elementary
Carver Military Academy
Harper High School
John M. Harlan Academy

Faith-based Organization
Sisters In The Journey Inc.
One Word Ministry

Special Networks
AMPT Nonprofit
Goldin Institute/Chicago Peace Fellows
My Chi My Future 
Safe & Peaceful Communities