Core Value Two: Strengthening Families

Goal: Equip parents with tools and resources to create a healthy family environment.

Here at FOUS, we believe strengthening the family unit is critical. The life of a child depends on it. In the early years, the parent and the home environment shape the self –image of the child and this often determines who she will become. 

There are plenty of resources available today for parents. Our goal is to make them accessible to our families.

Coming soon, the Organization will offer seasonal parenting workshops to schools and other community-based organizations that serve families who live in under-resourced communities. The workshops will focus on evidence-based strategies and methods in disciplining the younger children and effectively engaging the older youth. 

Additional resource:

The White Shirt & Shoe Project is the way we provide school uniforms and footwear to the most vulnerable student (homeless). Each year, the organization asks its partners to donate new white tops (shirts & blouses) of all sizes and shoes. We distribute the items to families who have more than one school-age student.

We make quality programming a priority!

Strengthening Family 

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