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​​​​​Core Value One: Mentoring & Empowering Girls

Goal: Empowering girls to GROW, to CONNECT, to DREAM, and to LEAD


G    R    O    W

The Club is a school-based program targeting middle school girls, grades 6th – 8th. The program runs once a week for one hour. The start time of the program varies this includes any time between 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. The program addresses the following:

Areas of impact: Leadership development, social-emotional learning, character education, life skills, conflict resolution, public speaking, violence prevention, community engagement.

C    O    N    N    E    C    T

The Journey Mentoring Program provides much needed mentoring to the 8th-grade girl as she prepares to transition into high school. Each girl is matched with an adult/young adult role model. They communicate through letter writing. This is what makes the program unique and the experience so rewarding. Many of these relationships are maintained beyond college.

D    R    E    A    M

Arts & Craft

Mix Media Journaling Project

Who Am I Portrait

Girls Coding (coming)​

L    E    A    D

Safe & Peaceful Initiatives

Peer 2 Peer Leadership