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FOUS Youth Development Services

​​​​​Core Value One: Mentoring & Empowering Girls

Goal: Empowering girls to grow, connect, dream, and lead


G    R    O    W

GEMMS (Girls Empowered Making Move) Mentoring Program is a school-based program targeting middle school girls, grades 6th – 8th. The program runs twice a week for one hour. The start time of the program varies this includes any time between 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. The program addresses the following:

Areas of impact: Leadership development, social-emotional learning, character education, life skills, conflict resolution, public speaking, violence prevention, and community engagement.


GEMMS Double Dutch 101 (new)

The double dutch program is designed to enable girls to experience good physical health as well as mental health. The program targets 6th - 8th grades. They meet once a weekly for one hour.

C    O    N    N    E    C    T

The Journey Mentoring Program provides much needed mentoring to the 8th-grade girl as she prepares to transition into high school. Each student is matched with an adult/young adult role model. They communicate through letter writing. This is what makes the program unique and the experience so rewarding. Many of these relationships are maintained beyond college.

D    R    E    A    M

Arts & Craft

Mix Media Journaling Project

Who Am I Portrait

Career Exploration​

L    E    A    D

Safe & Peaceful Initiatives

Peer 2 Peer Leadership