There are several ways to contribute to FOUS Youth Development Services.

1) Financial Contribution - There is no dollar amount too small. Join us as a partner and contribute monthly or give a one-time contribution. Just make a check out to FOUS Youth Development Services, P.O. Box 42619, Evergreen Park, IL 60805. A contribution statement will be mailed to you for tax purposes.

To make a financial donation look for the donation button on the next page. 

2) In-kind Donation - We accept office supplies, program materials, and much more. For a complete list contact us at 708-508-7389, Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 4:00.

3) Volunteer - We are always looking for volunteers to contribute time and talent to a worthy cause


Welcome to  FOUS Youth Development Services a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.  We have been serving the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs since 2003.  FOUS has established itself as a reputable and distinguished agency amongst youth service providers and the communities it serves. We provide school-based and afterschool programming in the Roseland Community. Our mission and vision are simple, impact the lives of today's youth through quality programming and strengthen front-line youth workers through professional development.

For additional information regarding our afterschool programs and youth worker training, please contact Annette Kellyat akelly4usyouthdevelopment.org.

We make quality programming a priority!


Core Value One: Mentoring & Empowering Youth 

Goal: Empowering youth to grow, connect, dream, and lead.

Core Value Two: Strengthen Families

Goal: Provide parenting workshops and needed school apparel (uniform white tops, footwear) and supplies.

Core Value Three: Building Community Partnerships

Goal: To cultivate community partnerships through collaboration and resource sharing to create safe communities for all.

Core Four: Strengthen Youth Work Practice

Goal: Equip frontline youth professionals with positive youth development strategies and methods in order to empower the next generation

Grants and more grants!!!

AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits awarded FOUS with a capacity-building grant. The organization participated in AMPT's COVID Crisis Management Program.

AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits is committed to strengthening the organizational health and support the long-term development of small nonprofits on Chicago’s west and south sides while prioritizing Black- and Latinx-led community organizations. 


We are happy to announce for the 7th year, FOUS Youth Development Services will be the recipient of the Partnership for Safe & Peaceful Communities (PSPC) Grant 2022.


PSPC represents 50 funders and foundations committed to aligning their funding to support proven and promising urgent responses to reduce violence.

We are grateful to receive a grant from the following;

Laureus Sports For Good & ICJIA. This partnership has secured Violence Prevention Funding for local organizations that use sports programs as an answer to decreasing violence. FOUS has launched a Double Dutch Program.

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