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GIRLS CODING (4Us Girls Club @ Brown Elementary)


4-Us Girls Club

To counteract negative images and confusing messages that girls are bombarded with through the media. These images and messages have contributed to low self-esteem and poor self-image. It is reflected in poor attitudes, risky behaviors and lack of values.

Areas of impact: Leadership development, social emotional, character education, life skills, conflict resolution, public speaking, violence prevention, service learning and mentoring.

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The Girl Club Curriculum!


FOUS Youth Development Services

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The Journey Mentoring Program 


Vision: Successful young women, empowered to lead and impact their world.

Mission: To assist 8th-grade girls with smooth transition to high school, graduate and move on to higher learning.


  • To provide relationship with a positive adult role model.
  • To provide  emotional, motivational and strategic support.

  • To provide leadership development opportunities.

  • To increase cultural awareness experiences.