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AYD was very engaging and enlightening, showed me the areas that I need to work in.                                                                             Jonathan Johnson

AYD has been enlightening, offering skills that have not been outlined concretely before.                                                                         Lisa Van Ausdall

This is the best experience I've had within helping our programs move up another level.                                               Antoinette Ratliff

We make quality programming a priority!

New Accelerated Advancing

Youth Development Training (4-weeks) 

 AYD just got more accessible!

Advancing Youth Development (AYD) is a nationally acclaimed course designed for front-line youth workers and others who interact with adolescents on a daily basis. The course was based on curricula from the Center for Youth Development and Policy Research out of Washington D.C. Four sessions cover, the youth development framework, fostering youth participation and leadership, culturally competent programming, and professional competencies of youth workers. The topic of each session is listed below.

Course Sessions

Module 1: Introduction to the Youth Development Approach
Module 2: Developmental Youth Outcomes (Identity & Ability)
Module 3: Cultural Assumptions about Young People: From Adultism to Caring
Module 4: Providing Services, Supports & Opportunities to Youth

Registration Information

The AYD registration fee includes training manual, resource materials and Certificate of Completion. Payment is due to FOUS Youth Development before the start of class.

 Registration ends on Wednesday, 9/25/2019. Space fills up quickly! To registration go to link:

 Mailing: FOUS Youth Development Services
Attn: Annette Kelly
PO Box 42619Evergreen Park, IL 60805