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FOUS Youth Development Services

The White Shirt Project 2019

A while ago, someone donated to FOUS Youth Development Services some gently used white shirts.They thought my schools could benefit from them. It never crossed my mind that some parents can't afford to buy uniforms, mostly because they have more than one child. Therefore, I took the shirts (25) to the cleaners had them washed and pressed and gave them to our two schools. They were very appreciative of the donation.

I had a really good feeling...should do this again.This is a picture of me, Mr. Askew (Principal of Ronald Brown Academy and the new Assistant, Vice Principal on my right.

Current News/Events


Thank you to all of those who contributed to the organization during Giving Tuesday on  November 27 2018. Your gift is greatly appreciated!

A Super Day!!

The Girls Club hosted their first event of the 2018-2019 school year. It was called If I Were A Superhero. The event was 10/26/18 at one of our schools in the  Roseland Community.

Thank you to our Funders!

The Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities